Advanced CPIM system (Configurable Product Information Management) for technical data

Promaster is a CPIM system that enables easy management of product definition and product information for configurable products.

With Promaster you manage all product information in one place and can use it everywhere.

Promasters speciality is dealing with technical data for products with many variants. Promaster handles common product information such as documents and images, and more technical data needed to present or calculate technical data for products.

Promaster gathers all information about the company’s products in one place and makes it easy to manage the information.

Fundamental for Promaster is that all products are defined by the choices that go into making the product, then the options available for the product. For a well-defined product, it is easy to link product data. The management of product data is done in a general way which makes it very flexible and can be adapted for many different kinds of products. The system is capable of handling complex products in which each variant of the product does not have to have a traditional part number.


Product information can be used for:


Product Sheet

Product Catalogue

Price List

Sales Configurator and Selection Software

CAD, ERP, CRM or other systems

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Promaster Features

Product Information Management

Product Information Management

CPIM system (Configurable Product Information Management) for easy management of product information and product data for configurable products. Clear overview and easy to keep product information up to date.

Use Everywhere

Use Everywhere

Promaster is the central hub for all product information and technical data. Use the information for catalogs, web or calculation and configuration software.

No installation

No installation

Promaster can be used directly as a cloud service, no installation or separate operation is needed.

Version handling

Version handling

All information stored in Promaster is fully version handled. This means that you can have multiple version of each product so that you for example can have one version in production while adding new features on a test version.

Distributed deployment

Distributed deployment

Promaster supports distributed deployment of your data on multiple servers so that you can scale up when the there is need for more power or world wide deployment.

Unit conversion & Language support

Unit conversion & Language support

Promaster has support to store technical data in its dedicated type and unit, such as airflow in l/s. Type and unit conversion is included. Also support for SI/IP units.

Additional Services

On-site installation

Even though Promaster is fully in the cloud we can install it locally on-site if that is demanded by security reasons, internal policies or if you just want to have full control.

Third party integrations

Every business is unique, which is why we offer third-party integrations to the systems you work with, for example CRM or ERP. Let us know what you need and we'll provide you with a quote.


If you need special functionality that is not included in Promaster Edit we can develop customer specific plugins for your needs.


We always strive to provide you with the best possible support so that you can focus on what you do best.

Training sessions

To use Promaster Edit in the best way we offer training sessions and education for super users within your organisation.